Stop Sweat

If you’re more concerned about your problem of excessive perspiration, then its time now to know about the effective measures to stop sweat. Excessive sweating is a common disorder experienced by people across the globe that leads to both professional and social embarrassment. There are many people across the globe suffering from excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis and has to live with great embarrassment.

In general, perspiration is considered normal and essential so as to maintain an ideal temperature in the body. However, if sweating exceeds the normal levels it often results in many other bodily problems like odor and wetness. Therefore, you require knowing about how to stop sweat before it advances to other health complications.

Sweating turns out to be an issue when it results into wet stains on the clothes and also produces a foul body odor. These can occur in the feet, underarms, palms, back and on the face as well. Some of the major causes include medical conditions like menopause, obesity, stress, anxiety, puberty, hypothyroidism and many other genetic factors.

There are several remedies that can be discovered if you wish to know about how to stop sweat or perspiration. These techniques are generally followed on facial sweating, underarm sweating, feet and palm sweating and head sweating. For example, antiperspirants these days contain aluminum chloride that can help prevent extreme underarm sweating. The deodorants can be used to cover the foul smell or odor but do not assist in preventing perspiration. But, the antiperspirants can work in few people while it does not prevent perspiration in others.

Another best alternative on how to stop sweating is to use alum or talcum powder. The powder must be sprinkled on underarms after someone or after taking shower. It is recommended to wear light clothes that will allow your body to escape the heat. Cotton is probably one of the most ideal materials that can be worn by those people who are experiencing excessive perspiration.

Wearing synthetic materials can also cause excessive perspiration as they also restrict the body heat from escaping. Moreover, it is even advisable to avoid wearing any clothes that are tight and touch underarms. Another ideal way about how to prevent sweating is rub a slice of potato under your arms. You must make sure to follow this process with perfume or deodorant to avoid the foul smell or odor.

The problem of excessive facial sweating can also be curbed by the use of moisturizers and lotions that are primarily clay based. You must avoid using the cream based moisturizers and lotions. You can also apply juice of Aloe Vera on your face and then rinse it off with some clean water twice every day that also assists to prevent perspiration. You also require soaking up the excessive facial sweat with wet wipes, tissue paper and handkerchiefs. You can also use to loose compact powder and talcum powder in order to prevent the face perspiration. However, if facial sweating is the outcome of the genetic factors then medication can be needed in order to cure such condition.