SweatStop® Antiperspirant

You want to try a more efficient, cost-effective and skin-friendly solution than a regular deodorant? SweatStop® is your solution.

SweatStop® Antiperspirants

Is strong perspiration an issue for you? SweatStop® is a specialist when it comes to antiperspirants with incredible results, while being completely skin-friendly.

Everybody loves SweatStop®. Try the products or ask our customer service and you will know why.


Why purchasing a SweatStop® Antiperspirant makes sense?

Here are the advantages of purchasing a SweatStop® Antiperspirant:


  • You will feel free, dry and relaxed when using this product.
  • You will be able to wear colours again, because stains on your clothing will be history!
  • Your body will benefit from the aloe vera contained in the products, which is very nurturing to the skin.
  • There are products for every single need. Find the one that is appropriate for you.
  • The products are dermatologically tested & graded ‘very good’.


Of course, we like to tell you that our products were applied millions of times all over the world, which translates into: you can trust us, we have a lot of experience.

There is an incredible price advantage: Not only is the bottle twice as big (100ml) as regular providers (50ml) but you also need three times less of it (every third day) to get the same result as our competitors! (Some people need to apply it two times but for some every fifth day is enough!)

Because we are so convinced of our own products, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have zero risk, because you can always send the products back to us and receive your money back.

The range of products SweatStop® covers is as follows: Armpit & Chest, Hands, Forehead, Bold Head, Head with Hair, Back and Feet.

The intensity of the products vary from strong, very strong to extremely strong.