Antiperspirant sensitive

Antiperspirant sensitive is aimed at those people suffering from skin issues or has delicate underarm skin. People with delicate or thin underarm skin are prone to dreadful allergic reactions to most products available on market.


Why you should choose antiperspirant sensitive?

There are 3 primary complicating factors that are involved in actual body architecture of the armpit region. First of all, the skin is thinner in this area, making the skin vulnerable to several allergic reactions to a multitude of contact allergens.

The armpit area is moist and warm, which is the most perfect site for the bacterial growth and yeast to thrive. This complicates the control of the body odor. Ultimately, the site comes under occlusion which means that the skin lies upon skin thereby driving any treatment or product deeper into epidermis making the seemingly mild treatments much more potent as well as potentially much more frustrating.


Who’s at risk?

There are people at risk for developing allergic reaction to antiperspirants. These include people those who are prone to sensitive skin concerns, eczema and suffers from regional friction, razor burn, acanthosis nigricans, diabetes or has dye, fragrance or contact allergy.


What would be the most ideal anti-perspirant?

An ideal antiperspirant for people with sensitive people would be one that contains fewer ingredients reducing the exposure to the potential irritants. Antiperspirant sensitive provides additional amount of protection especially when it’s about providing a sweat solution. A sensitive antiperspirant is usually free from preservatives, colourants, and alcohol. Sensitive antiperspirants are hypoallergenic in nature offering gentle protection.


Why should you choose sensitive antiperspirant?

As said earlier, antiperspirant sensitive is primarily targeted to those customers who have delicate skin. For instance, there are patients who have experienced inflammation and irritation due to their on-going skin concerns. Inflammation and irritation can yield undesirable skin discoloration. Therefore, anyone with the ugly armpit darkness would generally avoid wearing clothing that exposes the area.

Now armpit discoloration due to the wrong choice of product and the ongoing skin concern are found extremely common. These are some of the valid reasons why dermatologists suggest the use of gentle antiperspirant for those patients and consumers suffering from skin inflammation and irritation.

It is believed that increasing concentration of the aluminum ingredient in an antiperspirant also increases the acidity of material and even increases the skin irritation. This the reason why an individual with the sensitive skin can better tolerate the liquid roll ons than the powder roll on, stick antiperspirant as its just effective for their delicate skin.

It is often recommended to choose antiperspirants with lower concentration of most common active ingredients like Aluminum Chloride. Maxim, a popular brand in the market offers Maxim Sensitive antiperspirant developed for people with sensitive skin. The Maxim Sensitive contains a lower amount of active ingredient like Aluminum chloride than its original Maxim antiperspirant. It contains 10.8 percent instead of 15 percent and is considered much more suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Last but not the least, people with skin issues can consult an experienced dermatologist before choosing any product in the market.