Hands Sweating

Palmar Hyperhidrosis or palm sweating is a medical condition. Over 1% population in the United States of America is reported to have problems of sweaty palms. Though the actual cause of hands sweating is unknown, most experts are of the opinion that sweaty palms is a cause of the hyperactive sympathetic nervous system which causes the sweat glands present in the hands to produce the sweat.

Sweaty palms or excessive hand sweating is considered one of the most common types of the hyperhidrosis for people suffering from the problems of excessive sweating. Due to sweaty palms and excessive hand sweating, patients find it difficult to carry out their regular activities.

There are millions of sweat glands in the body and more than a half sweat glands are in the hands. The sweat glands discharges sweat that help to cool the body to its normal temperature range. In fact, sweating helps regulate the body temperature and to keep up and running smoothly. However, people with problems of hands sweating or severe palmar hyperhidrosis, the experience of the sweaty palms can be a cause of embarrassment and discomfort.

Hands sweating can be uncomfortable and embarrassing too. Many people get sweaty palms when they are nervous or worried about something. But for some patients, sweating happens all the time. The intensity of hand sweating can vary from one patient to another. For instance, from just the moisture on the palms to dripping wet all the time.

In extreme cases, palmar hyperhidrosis can be troublesome and it can prevent patients from carrying out the daily tasks. Researches suggest that hands sweating can have generic relation and close to 50 percent of people actually have family history with this medical condition.

Hands sweating or sweaty palms is a type of common disorder which can affect a patient on social, emotional and functional level. Obviously, it’s a physiological issue and can even be aggravated by the emotional stimuli. This kind of condition necessitates proper treatment. Ways to control this medical condition are numerous and ranges from pills, lotions, deo, deodorants, antiperspirants, herbal medications, electric currents, bio feedback, acupuncture to surgery as well.

Excessive hand sweating can affect the everyday life of an individual both socially and functionally. The daily activities like using the keyboards or laptops or playing any musical instruments or driving a car can turn out to be a difficult task due to the sweaty palms. Some of the simplest tasks like opening the doorknob can turn out to be quite difficult. Your personal relationships can even get affected.

In a few patients, excessive hand sweating can be associated with the panic attacks that can also be attributed to the fear of the social situations. In about 50 percent or more patients, hands sweating or a sweaty palm is found genetic. Sweaty hands and palms generally begins at an early age and many patients report to have sweaty palms since childhood and  more severe symptoms can be experienced in the late teens or in the early adulthood.