Sweaty Hands

Hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis is a common disorder and considered the most bothersome to deal with. One of the types of hyperhidrosis, sweaty palms is associated with excessive hand sweating. Medically known as palmar hyperhidrosis, it’s a clinical situation where patients usually find several difficulties in performing regular functional and social activities.

The problem of sweaty palms has been reported to affect more than 1 percent of the population in the United States. However, the accurate cause of the hand sweating is still disputed. Most experts believe that sweaty palms are caused by the hyperactive sympathetic nervous system. It is the sympathetic nervous system that causes the sweat glands in hands to produce sweat profusely.

Sweaty hands can also be linked with excessive sweating syndrome that consists of not only palmar hyperhidrosis but sweaty feet, sweaty face and sweaty armpits too. However, the most common combination is sweaty feet and sweaty palms. The symptoms generally start in the early teens and it continues through the whole life.

Palmar hyperhidrosis affects each and every aspect of daily life. People become aware of their problems and they try to avoid social contacts. The affected people are constantly alarmed of their problems and they try to hide it from others. Hand sweating aggravates the emotional distress as affected individuals cannot control the hand sweating.

Most patients get an itchy feeling and think as if the skin pores are opening before sweating. The affected people can experience some or all of the following symptoms as discussed below:

  1. Keep away from shaking hands.
  2. Having difficulty in handling papers, writing and typing as well.
  3. Always trying to wipe their palms and hands.
  4. Difficulty in wearing clothes and putting make-up.
  5. Uncomfortable in intimate relationship
  6. Leads a socially withdrawn life
  7. Have difficulty in getting manicure
  8. Uncomfortable in playing musical instruments and handling money
  9. Most of them have poor concentration
  10. Remain anxious and preoccupied all time

Sweaty hands or excessive hand sweating can be severely affecting the normal life of a patient both socially and functionally. The regular activities of a person such as driving a car, using computers or playing musical instrument becomes a tough task due to the excessive hand sweating. Simple tasks like opening a door knob can turn out to be difficult. In such a condition, the personal life and relationships are affected negatively.

A firm handshake often creates the first impression. For those people suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis, the very first hand shake can bring about the most horrible event leading to escaping from potentially useful social and professional contacts. As a result, most people can interpret the wet, cold and clammy handshake as the sign of insecurity. The same thing in a job interview can be translated to lack of self confidence. This hinders the person’s achievement as well as success in social, academic and professional life.

Most affected individuals remain cautious about their problems. They hide their hands under their arms and behind their back or even under the thighs in order to avoid any sort of embarrassment.