Foot Sweating

Foot Sweating/Planter Hyperhidrosis

Foot sweating or plantar hyperhidrosis is a medical condition which refers to the excessive sweating of feet. Foot sweating usually occurs in juxtaposition with hand sweating. Most people who have sweaty palms will also have sweaty feet. This in medical terms is known as Plantar Hyperhidrosis.

Foot sweating can often be severe as excessive hand sweating. This usually occurs due to overactive sympathetic nervous system. People with sweaty feet face diverse problems in the regular life. Most of them have to face difficulties in functional and social settings. Fungal infection and foot odor can make the life problematic. As a result, shoes can get ruined, sandals can’t be worn and heels can be quite difficult to wear. The foot odor and the fungal infection start to take a toll on the life of the person suffering from such problems.

Sweaty feet can even lead to a lot of marital problems and difficulties at workplace. The discomfort and odor caused due to the excessive foot sweating or plantar hyperhidrosis can even lead to several other difficulties that are usually known to the medical community. Most patients with problems of foot sweating complain about foot odor.


Most Common problems

Some of the most common problems of sweaty feet are infections, blisters, athlete’s feet and rotting of the socks. Shoes have to be purchased more often and frequently as moisture almost ruins the shoes and the feet as well. It becomes almost impossible to wear the sandals in such condition. The sweat often makes the feet slip and slide right out of shoes. Due to foot sweating, it becomes uncomfortable to drive a car or bike. It can turn out to be dangerous, especially when the feet sweat too much.

Losing of control, slipping off the brake pedal and the accelerator can result in an accident. Any person with Plantar hyperhidrosis who goes out to any fitness program like dance classes, gym, or martial arts program with bare feet can leave the wet spots right on the floor. This can be really embarrassing, however, more significantly, can turn out to be hazardous for the person and the rest others engaged in such an activity. Slipping and falling can also occur as a result of the wetness or wet spots.


Medical Causes of Foot Sweating

As far as studies are concerned, causes of foot sweating can be diverse. In fact same gene can cause palmar hyperhidrosis or excessive hand sweating or foot sweating too. Gene leads to heightened activity in sympathetic chain which in turn is the part of the involuntary nervous system. As per clinical manifestations, signs and symptoms of palmar hyperhidrosis show off at an earlier stage in life than the plantar hyperhidrosis. Hence, sweaty palms is the usually the problem that comes earlier in the life than the excessive foot sweating.

According to an estimated report, the reason for foot sweating is the process of maturation of the plantar sweat glands that takes longer than the palmar sweat glands. It’s also a fact that foot sweating or plantar hyperhidrosis and hands sweating (palmar hyperhidrosis) are only limited to any specific part of that organ. In plantar hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating usually appears from ankles down. On the other hand, in palmar hyperhidrosis, the sweat appears from wrist and down to hands.