Perspiration or sweating is a normal mechanism of the release of salty water or liquid from the sweat glands found within the body. This normal phenomenon is called perspiration. Evaporation of the salty liquid from the skin actually takes the heat away with it. Therefore, sweating is essential to keep your body cool and control the temperature. In fact, if we don’t sweat at all, then we can overheat on a long hot day or after an exercise.


Few Considerations

How much you tend to sweat will depend on how the overactive sweat glands in your body function. Usually, a person is born with 2 to 4 million sweat glands. Now the sweat glands begin to become fully active during puberty. It is reported that women have more sweat glands than that of men. However, glands in men are more active.

It is autonomic nervous system that controls sweating. This is one part of the nervous system which can’t be controlled.  As sweating is the natural way of regulating the body temperature, people tend to sweat more when it’s found hot outside. People even sweat more when they take part in any physical activity or exercise or in anxious situations that make their conditions worse.

Menopause can also be the reason of excessive sweating.


Sweat Glands

There are 2 kinds of sweat glands present in the human body.


Eccrine Glands

The eccrine glands are usually responsible for sweating when we feel hot. We have about three million of eccrine glands present in the body. Each 1 cm2 of the back includes 60 sweat glands. And on the soles and palms, there are close to 600 glands per cm2.


Apocrine Glands

These glands are found close to the anus and in the armpits. We have about one million of sweat glands. They are usually scent glands. The sweat that appears from these glands has one particular smell in every person and probably has pheromone scents which send messages to people around.


Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis

If you sweat profusely, it is not only due to the many sweat glands or that they are usually large. It can be most probably due to the lot of activities taking place in tiny nerves that generally control them. If person experiences higher level of sweating or if he sweats more than what is required for cooling the body then that condition may indicate to excessive sweating which is medically termed as Hyperhidrosis.

Most hyperhidrosis patients suffer from profuse sweat in one or few parts of the body including face, armpits, feet and palms and such a condition is often known as lokal or focal hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

For the treating focal hyperhidrosis, there are quite a few treatments available like antiperspirants that can help you to enjoy a sweat free life. If you are suffering from excessive sweating, you have to understand that you are not alone. There are many significant things that you can do in order to improve your condition and help to get ride of the primary symptoms of hyperhidrosis i.e. sweat.