Sweat Problem

Sweating, in itself, is a problem for some people around the world. On an average, a man sweats about 1 to 1.5 liters of fluid each day. If you do some work outs and go to the gym and you would easily lose about three liters in one hour.

However for 3 percent of the world population, these figures can be far much higher and which turns out to be a major problem. According to a survey undertaken in the United States found out that about 66 percent of the people perceived a visibly sweaty person are worried or nervous; 49 percent of people either men or women thought he was overweight and 25 percent thought that he or she was unhealthy.

Sweating is necessary to help regulate the body temperature during fever, exercising and in hot weather. However, it’s one of those less attractive aspects of the human physiology that we tend to avoid dealing with as much as possible. In simple terms, sweating is the body’s way to cool down the temperature when you get over heated. Certainly, sweat problem can be annoying and disgusting. Sweat runs into the eyes and melts your whole makeup and leaves visible marks or stains on the clothes and also makes you smell awful.

Those people who have been suffering from excessive sweating or primary hyperhidrosis first reports their problem when they were children or just teens. On the other hand, secondary hyperhidrosis that consists of the unusual bouts of perspiration often starts in adulthood. If you have begun to experience the heavy bouts of sweating or perspiration, then check your GP. It can well be a sign and symptom of overactive thyroid gland or an infection or certain medications.

If your sweat problem tends to occur when you are under pressure or faced with any problems in the middle of a row, then the causes are more or less likely to be psychological or physical. That’s because the bodies have been fine tuned with the passage of time to become intensely activated when any sense of fear or anxiety is found which generated the heat and causes the sweat or perspiration.

We shower it off, then put of good smelling deodorant or antiperspirant to keep down the odor and moisture and go about the day. For few unlucky souls, however, sweating is more than just something which happens when they work out in a gym or hand out by the poolside in the summer. At its worst, sweat problem makes a person incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Sweat problem can be neurological as well. If one part of your body, for instance, your right or left hand side sweats a lot more than normal then it could be one visible sign of neurological problem. In such cases, it would be important to consult or refer to a neurologist.

Last but not the least, it would be important to judge the nature of sweat problem before looking for treatments available in the market. If you think sweat problem is more psychological than physical then you can try out these options like Antiperspirants, Botox, Liposuction, Iontophoresis, Mitchum or Dryclor.