Applying SweatStop® (Lotion, Roll-On & Sprays) 


Even though SweatStop® has all the properties that people expect from a deodorant (actually SweatStop® fulfils these expectation much more consistently) there is one crucial difference that has to be made clear. SweatStop by definition is not a deodorant but an antitranspirant, which first and foremost purpose is to stop sweat. A deodorant’s primary target is to cover up bad odours. An antiperspirant however, stops sweat and inhibits the development of bad odours before they even arise.

SweatStop® Application

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to apply the products right before going to bed and on completely dry skin. Only if you stick close to this instruction will you experience a satisfying effect which will stop sweat and odour. Dry skin is important because it allows the solution to permeate. The salts included make sure the pores are closing up properly. You need to avoid any kind of sweating after you have applied SweatStop®. Ideally, this time without physical activity should take a few hours. That’s why it is recommendable to apply the products right before you go to sleep.

Once you regularly use the product you will realize that you don’t need to use it every day. The frequency of usage depends on the person but usually you need to apply the antitranspirant every 2 to 5 days. (This makes the product a lot cheaper than a deodorant by the way, because you use a lot less of it proportionally).

You need to apply the product 1 to 3 times in order to notice first sweat-inhibiting effects. You usually won’t need to, but are allowed to use the product up to 5 times in one application.


Applying SweatStop® – Feet

SweatStop® Foot Powder can be put directly onto your feet’s soles. Feel free to apply it as often as you want. The powder has sweat-binding properties and you will be amazed: when wearing your shoes you will feel more comfortable than without using the product. This experience is further enhanced with cinnamon and menthol giving you a feeling of freshness.

If you have a moderate to strong foot perspiration we recommend SweatStop® Forte max which is applied like all sprays (as described a few paragraphs further to the top). Sometimes it is necessary to remove dried-out skin layers so the solution can permeate more easily.


Applying SweatStop® – Hands

As opposed to other SweatStop® products SweatStop® Hand Lotion has an instant effect. You apply it and your hands are dry immediately. However, you might need to apply it several times a day – every time you feel it is necessary – no limits.


Safety Instructions

For all SweatStop® Antiperspirants please note:

  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and irritated or harmed skin
  • l Do not shave respective part of the skin for at least 48 hours before and 12 hours after the application
  • l Keep out of reach of children

Note for all customers with US delivery address only – due to FDA regulation: All antiperspirants are to apply to underarms only