Advantages of using SweatStop®

There is a good number of reasons why you should opt for SweatStop® antiperspirant:

First of all you will feel free, dry and relaxed. You will be able to wear colours again because sweat stains on your clothing will be history.

The product is skin-friendly as a reliable and independent German institute affirms (Dermatest® tested our products) – this is also due to the aloe vera contained which is very gentle to the skin and nurtures it with beneficial dermatological ingredients. The product is graded ‘very good’ regarding its skin-friendliness.

SweatStop® Advantages

Another reason why you will love Sweat

Stop® is that there is an appropriate product for every need. Every body part has a product designed for it and every degree of sweating is covered. You will find something for your need in our product range.

But we are not finished, there are more convincing aspects that will help you take the right decision of trying out SweatStop®. Consider this: the product has been applied millions of times all over the world. That in itself is a statement of incredible customer satisfaction.

But in order to serve you even better and dissipate doubt we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is literally zero risk when you purchase a product and want to try it out. You can send it back and get all the money back if you are not satisfied. You can rest assured: if many customers would do send their products back we wouldn’t be a sustainable company. But most are happy and purchase again.

Last not least there is an incredible price advantage when buying the product: Think about it: A regular deodorant contains 50ml of solution which you need to apply daily. We offer a 100ml bottle that you use only every third day (on average). This means you need to divide our prices by 2 and then again by 3 to compare it to a regular deodorant. If the product costs 22 Euro for example and you want to compare it to a regular deodorant (50ml) you need to divide 22 Euro / 2 = 11 Euro and again by three because of less usage 11/ 3 = 3.66 Euros when compared to a standard deodorant. So rest assured you are saving money when you use our products.

And they work a lot better than the supermarket stuff while being completely safe and healthy. Some envious people would call this marketing, we call it the truth. We are convinced and we hope you will try the product so we can see you saying the same thing.